There is a plethora of ways to participate in MUIMUN. Search through this page to find the one that suits you best! 

Chair Application
Legal Service
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The Delegates’ registration for MUIMUN 2019 is now open!

Early Bird €74

Register for MUIMUN 2019 now and get €15 off the regular delegates' fee through our Early Bird's discount

A 5-day high quality MUN conference

Four lunches (Sunday-Wednesday)

Coffee, tea, biscuits and cake during the coffee breaks of conference

An original, high-quality MUIMUN conference bag for each delegate

Free entrance to our social events, including two parties, a historical city tour and a pub quiz

A free edition of our daily conference magazine Westphalian Diplomat

Other costs, such as travel expenses and accommodation are not included


  • January 01, 2019

    Early Bird discount ends

    Register for MUIMUN 2019 until this date to benefit from our €15 Early Bird discount!

  • January 25, 2019

    Hostel payment due

    If you have booked your accommodation via the Delegates’ Service Team, please make sure to take this deadline into account. Unfortunately, we cannot reserve your spot any longer.

  • January 27, 2019

    Delegate Registration ends for potential participants from countries that require a visa

  • February 24, 2019

    50% refund ends

    We refund 50% of the conference fee until February 24, 2019, in case you are not able to attend

  • March 1, 2019

    Delegates' Registration ends

  • March 19, 2019

    Position Paper Deadline

    send to

  • March 23-27, 2019

    MUIMUN Conference

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Credit Points

This is a great opportunity for WWU students:
If you are currently studying in Münster, you can refine your MUIMUN experience with credit points for your university course. 

If you need ‘Allgemeine Studien’ for your university course at the WWU, you can receive 5 credit points for this seminar. Your performance record will include: 

Complete participation in a two day preparation seminar, that will be held prior to the conference. 

Complete participation in the MUIMUN conference 
a seperate registration on our website is necessary 

The assessment of your performance during a determined committee session

Writing two position papers on the topics of the assigned committee (about 2-3 pages in total)

Writing a final report on the seminar and the conference (about 6-8 pages)

If you do not need ‘Allgemeine Studien’ for your studies, you are very wolcome to take part in the preparation workshops and/or the conference anyway, you just won’t be able to obtain credit points for it.


Application is closed
Deadline: September 30

For further inquiries, please get in touch:


The Westphalian Diplomat is the MUIMUN newspaper that is published every day during the conference by our PR team. If you’re interested in journalistic work, support our PR-Team as a journalist or photographer! Join the Editorial Staff of the Westphalian Diplomat and help us reporting from the committee sessions and catching up the extraordinary spirit of MUIMUN! As a staff member, you will experience the whole conference without paying any fees.

Click here to get a first impression of the WeDi. Additionally, if you have any questions or want to apply, just contact us at


What’s in it for you?

Becoming a rapporteur at MUIMUN is a wonderful opportunity for students, who are interested in MUIMUN but do not feel comfortable (yet) to participate as a delegate or as a team member. As a member of the dais, you will learn about the process of a Model United Nations conference, give assistance to the chairs, get lunch for free, take part in the MUIMUN Social Events (Rapporteurs don’t have to pay the Conference Fee) and get to know people from more than 35 countries.

However, if during the conference, you feel comfortable with contributing to the discussion, you might be offered to play the role of an expert to another committee.

Closely working together with the organization team and chairs, you will get a great insight into the organization of a conference.

What are your tasks at the conference?

Support the chair persons during committee sessions by

  • Assisting delegates in the resolution writing process
  • Resolution screening (proofreading draft resolutions)
  • Document circulation
  • Notepaper passing
  • Voting assistance

Help the organizing team by

  • Setting up committee rooms in the morning/ evening
  • Guiding delegates to their committee venues/workshop rooms
  • Supplying the committee with water
  • Helping out, wherever help is needed!


How to apply?

For your application please send an Email to with the following information:

  • Email subject: Rapporteur – Application
  • Name
  • Age
  • Residence
  • Country of origin
  • Mobile phone number
  • E-Mail address

Please also include a short description of your motivation and what tasks you would like to accept during the conference.

Deadline: 15.02.2019

We are looking forward to receiving your applications and hope to welcome you soon as members of the MUIMUN administrative team!

Legal Service

Since MUIMUN 2016 we have instituted a Legal Service as a valuable resource to enhance our overall conference experience and quality. We are always looking for motivated and capable students to join our team.

The Legal Service’s main tasks are to assist and advise the committee chairs and delegates with their expertise in international law. It reviews committee topics (before the conference) and resolutions (during the conference) for their accordance with existing international law.

To apply you should

  • Be a law student at WWU Münster
  • Have taken at least some courses in international law (criminal or public)

Please send your applications (including CV and a motivational letter) to

Join the team

You want to engage in the MUN spirit not only for a week but instead for the whole year? Join the MUIMUN organization team and shape next year’s conference with us!

Working in the MUIMUN Organisation Team, you will not only enhance your skills in communication and organization but furthermore integrate into a plenum of motivated and politically interested students who are looking forward to meeting you.

Interested? Take Part in one of our Kick-Off´s:

MUIMUN 2019 Kick-Off #1: 02/05/2018 – 8 pm – Robert-Koch-Str. 40, Münster – Facebook event

MUIMUN 2019 Kick-Off #2: 03/05/2018 –  8 pm – Robert-Koch-Str. 40, Münster – Facebook event

Missed the Kick-Offs? No problem – for any further information, please contact

The non-profit Münster MUN e. V. (German registered association) supports the MUIMUN project actively, especially with a staff (the volontarily working MUIMUN organization team) and ideally. Additionally, it also helps in funding the project.


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