Peace of the Powerful? – Rethinking international cooperation

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May 16th – 19th 2023

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    "That one week of interaction drastically changed how I viewed the world and my place in it. The kindness, hospitality, honesty, friendship and direct discussions from individuals with diverse backgrounds broke the image I had been socialized to believe ."

    Sher Afghan Malik
    Ten times MUIMUN chair
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    "The MUIMUN conference is just wonderful, very greatly organised, and Münster is the most comfortable city I have ever known. It's so beautyful right now, everything is blooming. And I like my committee, these people are great."

    Tetjana Tanchyn
    2017 MUIMUN Scholar
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    To make the experiences I have made through organising and participating in MUN conferences are some of the most valuable ones. Meeting students with so many different backgrounds, ideas and opinions, who are united in their hope to change something for the better, is one of the greatest chances.

    Valentina Breitenbach
    Secretary General 2019

The non-profit Münster MUN e. V. (German registered association) supports the MUIMUN project actively, especially with a staff (the volontarily working MUIMUN organization team) and ideally. Additionally, it also helps in funding the project.


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