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In the center of our MUIMUN conference are the debates. But there is a lot more to this exciting weekend!

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MUIMUN 2022 is back! This year’s motto:
Seizing Opportunities – Achieving Progress and Prosperity through International Diplomacy
May 26th – 29th 2022



Topics are out now!!



Security Council (UNSC)

Topic A:
The Aftermath of 9/11
Topic B:
Illegal arms trade: The Case of instability in the Middle East and Africa


United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Topic A:
Cooperation of Climate Action with the other Sustainable Development Goals
Topic B:
A Globally Implementable Carbon Credit System


United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO – français)

Topic A:
Patrimoine mondial et changement climatique: faire faces aux nouveaux dangers
Topic B:
Nouvelles technologies et information: comment mêler développement et prévention des risques?
Further Offline-Committee:

Department of Global Communications (UNDGC)

Topic A:
Combatting war disinformation through UN communications
Topic B:
Increasing access to information and sensibilisation campaigns of the UN worldwide

UN Women

(all genders are welcome)
Topic A:
Role of ICTs (Information and communication technology) in the empowerment of rural women
Topic B:
Gender Inequality faced by women in the Economic and Trade sector


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Topic A:
Cementing global support for the economic and social disparity in least developed countries
Topic B:
Increasing Women’s Political Participation

The Board

Security Council


Benevolence Mbano

“Fondly referred to as Benny, My name is Benevolence Mbano, and I am 27years old. I hold a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Law and Politics and International studies from Rhodes university, Grahamstown, South Africa. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree at the University of South Africa, while actively taking part in community engagement. With over 8 years of MUN experience, having first participated as a delegate and eventually serving as a Secretary-General for Rhodes University MUN, I have chaired in various national and international conferences.
I currently serve as the Strategic Partnerships and Public Relations Director at Thrive Opportunities; an organisation that disseminates scholarships and opportunities alike to youth across Africa.
I am very passionate about Law and International relations. My goal is to encourage young people to actively take part in matters involving international relations and to always be aware of the pressing issues affecting the youth.
My ambition for MUN as a project is to get youths from different platforms and communities engaged in the pressing issues we are facing at a global scale. My motivation for MUN is to foster an environment of confident, competent, and informed youth across the world.”

Hamza Naseer is from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in both Psychology and Philosophy. He has served as both the Vice President and General Secretary of his university’s philosophy society.Having achieved considerable success in the national circuit, he now divides his time between coaching at various institutions and reading into his favorite topics: philosophy, literature, linguistics, and psychoanalysis.He looks forward to chairing at MUIMUN ’22 in the United Nations Security Council. As a chair, all he expects from potential delegates is good research, qualitative and quantitative speeches, and solutions of a practical and impactful nature.

“Hello, everyone! My name is Hamza. I am 22 years old and a student of psychology and philosophy. I have my fingers stirring in many pots, which is why you will find me flustered over many things all at once: MUN conferences, learning a new language, or struggling with a difficult book. The most important thing to know about me is that I like a good laugh, but love most of all when I learn of something that changes my worldview.”


Hamza Naseer


Sebastian Kaderják

Hi there,

My name is Sebastian and I am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Environmental and Resource
Management at SDU in Denmark. Originally from Hungary I was lucky enough to have been able to live in multiple countries which is probably why I love being around international people from around the world with different views. Especially MUIMUN holds a very dear place in my heart as I have experienced a few conferences here and have made some great memories as well as good friends.
This year I am returning to MUIMUN to once again meet people and have some thought-provoking exchanges and of course having fun in committee sessions. I am very much looking forward to this year’s conference of MUIMUN back in Münster after the unfortunate but necessary two-year break of in-person committee work.
See you at Roll call!

This is Sher Afghan Malik from Lahore, Pakistan.
His motivation for MUNing stems from the fact that it allows an individual to view pressing global issues from different perspectives that different nationalities have from around the world. Internationally he has competed at the Moscow international MUN and internationally he has won outstanding diplomacy awards at Euromun, MUIMUN, and Harvard WorldMun.He has served as a Chair in Germany on many occasions and has chaired many times during simulations at his university.
He hopes that delegates coming to MUIMUN are able to use the event not only to overcome their fears of public speaking but also to make new friends from across the world. A MUN is an exercise in empathy and hopefully it will help the delegates learn about countries and cultures different than their own. Lastly and most importantly, I hope you remember to Work hard and Party Harder as the last few years have been difficult for all of us no matter where we come from. Cheers.


Sher 1

Sher Afghan Malik 

Iris 1

Iris Poiré Hernandez

Hi! My name is Iris and I am a first-year student in Sciences Po Lille, in the north of France, studying in the Spanish and French binational course. I come from Paris, from a French and Spanish family. I have always been interested in international relations, growing up with a bi-national culture.

As for what I am studying, I would like later to specialized in international risk management, studying between Lille and Salamanca. During my spare time I like to dance, especially flamenco, that I’ve been practising for ten years, and acting.

And of course, doing MUN! My MUN training begun in Sciences Po in September, and I fell in love with the conferences. In February, I had the chance to attend HNMUN in the SOCHUM committee, and in March, I was chairing during the SPLIMUN in the Spanish committee. I am now looking forward to being a part of the MUIMUN experience with you all!

Chairing the UNESCO committee is going to be a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to see you all debating, negotiating and finding solutions to the issues you’ll have to tackle.

It is now our time to seize opportunities, to live amazing experiences and seek a better future.

We are the generation of changes. Let’s make some!

“Hey delegates! I’m Louis, first year student at Sciences Po Lille in the FIFA, the Sciences Po Lille/WWU Münster dual degree. Later on, I would like to be a diplomat, that’s one of the reasons why I chose this training and moved from the south of France to alternate between Germany and France. In fact, I am a travel passionate, and I really love discovering different cultures. I attended the HNMUN in February, and even if it’s my first year experiencing MUNs, I already enjoy it so much that I can’t wait to welcome you to the 2022 MUIMUN conference in Mai. Together with my co-chair, I will be chairing this year’s General Assembly, the UN Framework convention on climate committee. Your MUIMUN team have spent many long nights researching and writing their background guides, and I am certain you will find our earnest effort and genuine passion reflected in every line you read. From what I can tell you, MUNs are an amazing experience that can teach you a lot about yourself and others. It is because we are all different, because we all experienced unique encounters, and have all different visions and approaches, that we can work together, that we need to work together. And it is the primary role of the UN to strengthen international cooperation, especially by building it around common projects. Because no country can succeed alone. That is why I am very much looking forward to welcoming you to this 2022 conference, which theme will be “Seizing Opportunities: Achieving Progress and Prosperity through International Diplomacy”. I’m thinking, among all the other committees, of the climate opportunity. Because it must be seized, or it will fly away, irreversibly. Because it is a reflection.

See you soon!”


Louis Blanquart


Muhammad Umar Arshad


My name is Muhammad Umar Arshad. I have been debating for over a decade now and MUNs have been my favourite format of debating for the past 8 years. I have done more than 50+ MUN conferences and I would like to think that I have gained some sort of experience in this field. Furthermore, I would love to participate in MUIMUN 2022 as I have not been in Germany and also I have heard good remarks from my seniors in the debating circuit about MUIMUN in general. 

Now coming to the personal information of me, I have been residing in Lahore Pakistan for 25 years now. I have done my B. Sc in chemical engineering. I am pursuing my Masters in Chemical engineering from UET Lahore. Currently I am in my last semester for that and I am working on my thesis.”

” My name is Arqam Altaf, I am a Kashmiri Pakistani living in Lahore since the last 20 years. To introduce myself, I am a sophomore at University of Central Punjab, and a executive team member at the Model UN club of university of Central Punjab, International Crisis Chambers and a model UN trainer at different institutions in Pakistan. Other than public speaking, I have always had a keen interest in music and arts, from theatre to musical performances, to mime acts I have experimented with all of them, I have always been a experimentalist, from being the captain of the basketball team to being the president of the debates society at my school. I have tried almost every extra curricular activity. As I believe that learning is both outside and inside a classroom. “


Arqam Altaf



Juliette Guérin

Dear delegates,

My name is Juliette Guérin and I am excited to be your chair in the committee of the UN-Department of Global Communications at the 2022 MUIMUN!

As a French student, I am currently studying in a French-German dual degree between Sciences Po Lille and the University of Münster. My fields of interests : International relations and diplomacy.

I have discovered MUN during my first year at Sciences Po Lille and since, I participated twice as a delegate to the Harvard National MUN in Boston and chaired in many conferences.

I hope you will enjoy the conference as much as I will and I am very keen to learn about your ideas for our committee! See you in May! 

Welcome to the United Nations Department of Global Communications! 

My name is Yoan Schnitzler and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be serving as Chair for Münster University’s International Model United Nations 2022. Originally from Strasbourg, France, I am currently finishing my second semester at Sciences Po Lille and will be transferring to WWU Münster in October as part of a joint study program. 

In High School, I participated in two Model European Council (MEC) conferences, which piqued my interest for international institutions. Seeing diplomacy in action demonstrated that international cooperation can, in fact, create lasting change. Later, at Sciences Po Lille, I was lucky enough to benefit from the university’s MUN association and its rigourous training. I was a delegate at the Harvard National MUN conference in march of 2022 and I partook in Sciences Po Lille’s own SPLIMUN, where I received the award for the most creative delegate.

The intensity of the debate and the competition at these conferences was exhilerating and convinced me to pursue Model UN further, and MUIMUN was the perfect opportunity to see MUN from a fresh perspective. I plan on pursuing a career in international relations- specifically in conflict resolution- and the experiences I gathered at Model UN conferences have helped me clarify that dream. I hope that this year’s MUIMUN conference will show you -as Model UN has shown me- what possibilities the future holds.

Good luck delegates.  


Yoan Schnitzler

UN Women


Manisha Sengupta

This is Manisha Sengupta. I just completed M.A in English Literature under the University of Calcutta. My journey in the circuit began 3years ago and since then my sheer skill and quality of debate secured me a position in every event that i has attended. With a motivation to pursue a career apart from my academics, I began my journey in the MUN circuit and had also successfully organised Model UN events like the International Diplomatic Conclave 2019 as Deputy Secretary General. 

My name is Rehmana Sarwar and I am currently pursuing MPhil in English Literature from International Islamic University Islamabad. I started debating back in 2016 and it has become a requisite part of my life since then. I have debated for good four years and chaired various events in the renowned institutions of Pakistan. I consider myself as an advocate of diversity and innovation which allows me to meet new people and welcome multiverse opinions. So far I have believed that the art of expressing knowledge in a manner where a large audience is moved is rare and that is what we must strive for. 


Rehmana Sarwar

Get ready for MUIMUN

MUIMUN 2022 is a “hybrid-conference”.

Unlike last year,  we’re planning to have the major part of the conference take place iperson in Münster under hygiene regulations, while allowing for those that want to participate but are unable to attend the conference in Münster to take part in our conference virtually.

In case German restrictions won’t allow us to hold a conference in presence by May, we would switch these “offline-committees” to online as well, but inform you with sufficient anticipation.

Entry and quarantine regulations might apply to you, visit the website of the German Federal Foreign Office here for more information. (Subject to change)

In general, most Non-EU citizens (or Non-Schengen citizens) require a visa to stay in Germany. Please check if you need a visa here.

Please note that there are visa fees, which have to be covered by you.

In order to receive a visa, you need to fill in an application form, which you can find on the website of the Federal Foreign Office. You need to hand in this application form together with all the necessary documents in person at your German consulate or embassy. For more information about visa requirements and procedure, visit the website of the German Federal Office here.

Do I need an invitation letter?

Possibly, you will need an invitation letter from us for your visa. In order to hand these out, we need the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your gender
  • Your passport number
  • Your birth date
  • A scan of your passport
  • A scan of your student ID (or a similar document validating that you are enrolled in a university programme)

Please send all required information and documents in one Email to

What do I bring to conference?

  • Valid Passportor ID according to the regulations
  • Money: Make sure to bring enough Euros to cover for your breakfast, dinner, and drinks at the evening events. In the registration fee included are coffee breaks and entry for our social events. ATMs are available in many nearby places.
  • Clothing: The dress code during the session is formal (European business attire or business attire from your home country). European business attire includes: Men are expected to wear a suit with a tie and women are expected to wear a suit or a dress. Shoes should be formal as well. However, we are a students’ conference, we are aware that not everyone might have full business attire to their disposal, if you are not certain, feel free to contact the Delegates’ Service ( During the evening events, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. At the International Friday Party, you may wear a typical dress representing your home country.
  • A raincoat or waterproof jacket and umbrella are recommended as Münster is famous for being rather rainy in the spring.

How do I prepare myself?

  • Read the study guide (you can find the right one on the site of your committee)
  • Research your committee topic and your country position thoroughly.
  • Position paper: a two-page paper about the general position of your assigned country. Find an example here
  • Read up on our RoP ; note there will also be a short workshop in the beginning
  • Deadlines and timetable: here

Any further questions?

FAQ or contact


Among our main goals is to promote and convey a deeper understanding of the United Nations and international politics. Thus, one afternoon of the conference is reserved for our workshop programme “MUIMUN meets experts”. You will get the chance to meet professionals from the field and approach international politics from a different angle.

A brief History of conspiracy theories and cognitive fallacies – Marc Stallony

During the first month of the Covid-19 Pandemic 2020 the popularity of certain telegram groups arose globally. Most of them spreading misinformation about possible hazards of vaccines and the possible causes of the virus itself. Some of them were just frightened citizens trying to handle an unpredictable situation, some others fell into the dangerous spirals of conspiracy theories. Where do these conspiracy theories come from, how long do they exist and what do they do to people who engage with them? Those and similar questions will be discussed by Marc Stallony in his workshop about conspiracy theories and cognitive delusions.

Marc Stallony currently works at the innovation office of the University of Münster. He is part of the team of Idea Mining, a project for solving problems by national and international companies and institutions innovatively. With his specialisation in psychology he is more than adequate to teach the delegates of MUIMUN about the cognitive effects of conspiracy theories.


During the first month of the Covid-19 Pandemic 2020 the popularity of certain telegram groups arose globally. Most of them spreading misinformation about possible hazards of vaccines and the possible causes of the virus itself. Some of them were just frightened citizens trying to handle an unpredictable situation, some others fell into the dangerous spirals of conspiracy theories. Where do these conspiracy theories come from, how long do they exist and what do they do to people who engage with them? Those and similar questions will be discussed by Marc Stallony in his workshop about conspiracy theories and cognitive delusions.

Marc Stallony currently works at the innovation office of the University of Münster. He is part of the team of Idea Mining, a project for solving problems by national and international companies and institutions innovatively. With his specialisation in psychology he is more than adequate to teach the delegates of MUIMUN about the cognitive effects of conspiracy theories.


Negotiation Skills – Henning Höber


Negotiations are a recurring part of both our private and professional lives. But many of us – and even experienced political leaders – know little about the strategies, tactics and applied psychology of effective bargaining. The workshop is designed as a crash course in basic and intermediate negotiation techniques, based on the proven methods of leading law schools and business schools. Participants will explore distributive and integrative bargaining tactics in two highly interactive simulations. These role plays enable them to experience the essential concepts and pitfalls of negotiation first-hand and reflect upon their performance during the debriefing of the case studies.The workshop is limited to 30 participants and requires the willingness to actively negotiate with a randomly assigned counterpart during the session.

Henning Höber is a lecturer in the departments of business administration and political science at the University of Münster, where he is teaching negotiation and dispute resolution. 

COVID-19-Crisis as an Opportunity – Dietrich Zaps

Do we have to become worried about a substantial/ dramatic negative impact to the global economy by the Covid-19- pandemic? Does the Covid-19- pandemic have the potential to become a game changer in the global race for the dominance of eco-political systems? What is the lesson, we can take from Covid-19 facing transnational and trans-regional challenges? Based on economic analysis’s of recent crisis, we will discuss the Covid-19 pandemic impact and effects to the global economy. Facing the power of the Covid-19 virus family and its capability to attack people, independent from its cultural, socio-economical and political background, might initiate and deliver multilateral strategies to manage global challenges.

Dietrich Zaps, today, is working as an indented consultant with focus to the automotive industry. He is holding advisory mandates and assignments on behalf of global players mainly related to the automotive sector. While having hold top management positions at Tier 1 suppliers in various segments of the global automotive/vehicle industry, the management of intercultural, complex organizations had been a key element and challenge in his professional career. Heavily influenced by the Japanese management culture, he built up networks in Asia, (China, Korea, Japan), lived in the USA and managed personally several years as President & CEO the US operation of a German Tier 1 supplier in the NA. Beyond other assignments in Germany, he successfully restructured the disrupted high tech component business case of a US American Tier 1 player in the UK for the international market reach.


What Münster has to offer in terms of Art Historical Treasures


The LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur unites 1000 years of art, ranging from the early Middle Ages through to the present.

In total the LWL-Museum’s collection comprises over 350 000 paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and prints, coins and objects as well as 135 000 books. While exploring the 51 exhibition spaces, visitors encounter works of art by Heinrich Brabender, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Franz Marc, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, August Macke, Otto Piene, Gerhard Richter and Rosemarie Trockel, amongst many others.

The guided tour with Zoom developed from the works of art themselves. The tour gives an overview of the art-historical treasures of Münster.


1. Champagne reception

After the opening ceremony, a champagne reception is held to celebrate the beginning of an intense week full of debates, socials and MUIMUN fun.

When? The champagne corks are popped on the first evening. Non-alcoholic options and little snacks are offered as well.

Where? Robert-Koch-Str. 40

2. International Friday Party

One of the many reasons to join MUIMUN is its outstanding and colorful global parties. It is a wonderful chance to experience an evening with a very special international flair.

To make the experience extra special you are welcome to dress up in clothes typical for your country or to dress in something that represents your country in any other way (for Germans it could be a football jersey etc.)

You may also bring music that is typical of your home country.

When? The International Friday Party takes place on the second day of the conference.

Where? At the “Gazelle-Club” near the main station (address: Servatiiplatz 1, 48143 Münster).

3. Münster MUN-Pub quiz

Do you want to test your general knowledge and compete in teams in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere? Then come to our pub quiz, enjoy some drinks with your fellow delegates while having the chance to win a special price at the end of the evening.

When? Our quiz masters are awaiting you on the third evening of the conference.

Where? At „Hier & Jetzt“ just next door to the university dining hall, close to Münster’s beautiful lake “Aasee”. (address: Bismarckallee 11, 48151 Münster)

4. Pub Crawl

After learning more about the city of Münster, following our PubQuiz we will move on to our Pub Crawl. In the old parts of town, you can also strengthen yourself with a cold drink and snack while exploring the lively pub scene, where students like to spend their evenings.

When? Having finished the Pub Quiz successfully we will proceed with the pub crawl.

Where? Meeting point is on the marketplace, the square next to the cathedral (Domplatz).

Our Patron for MUIMUN 2022

Welcome Note of our Patron for MUIMUN 2022:

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to MUIMUN in beautiful Münster! The setting of this conference stands in stark contrast to our world of polycrises. Ukraine, Yemen, Afghanistan, food and climate crisis, pandemic and rising costs – watching the news has become sequence of doom and gloom. World leaders seem to have become unable to broker peace.

A prerequisite for peace is mutual understanding which can only be achieved through communication, exchange and interaction. Therefore, as patron of this MUIMUN I would like to cordially invite to act upon the title of this conference and “seize the opportunity” to get to know each other, discuss and exchange views on global issues that challenge all of us and need to be solved by all of us. The world is complex but problems are man- made. You can start today and build your better future together.

I wish all participants a unique experience and a successful conference at MUIMUN 2022!

Dr. Martin Frick
Director of UN World Food Programme, Global Office Berlin

Photo MartinFrick_sq 2

Dr. Martin Frick

Director, UN World Food Programme, Global Office Berlin


Online Conference Fee: €19 €9

Offline Conference Fee: €69


Our conference fee includes

  • A 4-day high-quality MUN conference
  • Coffee, tea, biscuits, and cake during the coffee breaks of the conference; water, coffee, and tea are offered at all times
  • An original, high-quality MUIMUN conference bag for each attending delegate in Münster
  • Free entrance to our workshops and social events, including a champagne reception, a party (limited), a historical city tour and a pub quiz
  • A free digital edition of our conference magazine Westphalian Diplomat
  • Awards for outstanding and best delegates
  • Certificate of participation
  • Assistance from our team before and during the whole event
  • Other costs, such as travel expenses and accommodation are not included.
  • For further information do not hesitate to contact us.


Payment will be processed by PayPal or bank transfer. Should you encounter any problems, please contact us, we are glad to assist you.

International students facing financial problems are invited to inform themselves about our scholarship programme.

The non-profit Münster MUN e. V. (German registered association) supports the MUIMUN project actively, especially with a staff (the volontarily working MUIMUN organization team) and ideally. Additionally, it also helps in funding the project.


The MUIMUN Conference is hosted by: