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In the middle of our MUIMUN conference are the debates. But there is a lot more to this exciting week!

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Security Council
Failed Peacebuilding Operations – Rape, Torture and Murder committed by Blue Helmets
The Yemini civil war – a humanitarian crisis caused by foreign interests?

Strengthening guidelines for the prevention of an arms race in outer space
Measures to ensure stability in Afghanistan as a stepping stone to bring peace to the region

Stimulating sustainable growth in countries recovering from natural disasters by promoting innovation, industry and infrastructure
Tackling the issue of artificial intelligence in the workforce

Historical Committee
The response to the AIDS pandemic
Legal status of internally and externally displaced people in refugee camps
Social integration of unaccompanied refugee children and adolescents

UN Women
Reducing Violence against Women by Addressing Domestic Violence and Honor Killings
Reproductive Rights for Women Working in the Labor Force

Water as a human right – the necessity of sustainable development and solutions
Means to reinforce article 12 of the Paris Agreement to raise awareness and promote education and participation of the public

La economía del cambio climático en América Latina y el Caribe
Recursos naturales y su explotación en América Latina y el Caribe

A hypothetical case based on:
1) The crime of aggression, vis-a-vis proxy wars

2) Attributability of crimes committed during UN peace enforcement missions



Get ready for MUIMUN

In general, most Non-EU citizens (or Non-Schengen citizens) require a visa to stay in Germany. Please check if you need a visa here.

Please note that there are visa fees, which have to be covered by you.

In order to receive a visa, you need to fill in an application form, which you can find on the website of the Federal Foreign Office. You need to hand in this application form together with all the necessary documents in person at your German consulate or embassy. For more information about visa requirements and procedure, visit the website of the German Federal Office here.

Do I need an invitation letter?

Possibly, you will need an invitation letter from us for your visa. In order to hand these out, we need the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your gender
  • Your passport number
  • Your birth date
  • A scan of your passport
  • A scan of your student ID (or a similar document validating that you are enrolled in a university programme)

Please send all required information and documents in one Email to

What do I bring to conference?

  • Valid Passportor ID according to the regulations
  • Money: Make sure to bring enough Euros to cover for your breakfast, dinner, and drinks at the evening events. In the registration fee included are lunches, coffee breaks and entry for our social events. ATMs are available in many nearby places.
  • Clothing: The dress code during the session is formal (European business attire or business attire from your home country). European business attire includes: Men are expected to wear a suit with a tie and women are expected to wear a suit or a dress. Shoes should be formal as well. However, we are a students’ conference, we are aware that not everyone might have full business attire to their disposal, if you are not certain, feel free to contact the Delegates’ Service ( During the evening events, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. At the Global Village Party, you may wear a typical dress representing your home country.
  • A raincoat or waterproof jacket and umbrella are recommended as Münster is famous for being rather rainy in the spring.

How do I prepare myself?

  • Read the study guide (you can find the right one on the site of your committee)
  • Research your committee topic and your country position thoroughly.
  • Position paper: a two-page paper about the general position of your assigned country. Find an example here
  • Read up on our Rules of Procedure; note there will also be a short workshop in the beginning
  • Deadlines and timetable: here

Any further questions?

FAQ or contact


Among our main goals is to promote and convey a deeper understanding of the United Nations and international politics. Thus, one afternoon of the conference is reserved for our workshop programme “MUIMUN meets experts”. You will get the chance to meet professionals from the field and approach international politics from a different angle.

Revisit this site or follow us on Facebook to see when the workshops for 2019 are being announced.


1. Champagne reception

After the opening ceremony, a champagne reception is held to celebrate the beginning of an intense week full of debates, socials and MUIMUN fun.

When? The champagne corks are popped on the first evening. Non-alcoholic options and little snacks are offered as well.

Where? The champagne reception takes place in the foyer of the main building of Münster University the Schloss.
(Schloss is the German word for castle.)

2. Global Village Party

One of the many reasons to join MUIMUN is its outstanding and colorful Global Village Party. Delegates from over 40 nations share traditional food, music, and clothing from their home countries. It is a wonderful chance to experience an evening with a very special international flair.

Everyone is invited to bring food from their home countries. Unfortunately, beverages are not allowed.

To make the experience extra special you are welcome to dress up in clothes typical for your country or to dress in something that represents your country in any other way (for Germans it could be a football jersey etc.)

You may also bring music that is typical of your home country.

When? The Global Village Party takes place on the second day of the conference.

Where? At the “Cuba Nova“. (address: Achtermannstraße 10, 48143 Münster)

3. Münster MUN-Pub quiz

Do you want to test your general knowledge and compete in teams in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere? Then come to our pub quiz, enjoy some drinks with your fellow delegates while having the chance to win a special price at the end of the evening.

When? Our quiz masters are awaiting you on the third evening of the conference.

Where? At „Café Uferlos“ just next door to the university dining hall, close to Münster’s beautiful lake “Aasee”. (address: Bismarckallee 11, 48151 Münster)

4. Nightwatchman Tour

Rumour has it that there are some creatures strolling around the old parts of town during the night to protect the citizens of Münster. If you would like to explore the city and its historical sights at night, come and join the night watchmen with their patrol.

When? The night watchmen are expecting you on the fourth night of the conference.

Where? The starting point of the patrol is the old town hall right in the city center.

5. Pub Crawl

Right after this short trip into the history of Münster, we will take you back to the present. In the old parts of town, you can also strengthen yourself with a cold drink and snack while exploring the lively pub scene, where students like to spend their evenings.

When? Having finished the patrol successfully we will proceed with the pub crawl.

Where? Meeting point is on the marketplace, the square next to the cathedral (Domplatz).

6. Farewell Party

At the end of a fruitful week of discussions, it is now time to say goodbye and celebrate together before everyone is spreading out into different directions. Let’s celebrate the MUIMUN spirit one last time!

When? Last evening at the conference

Where? At the „Gazelle-Club“ near the main station (address: Servatiiplatz 1, 48143 Münster).

Our Patrons

2018: Haile Menkerios

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed Haile Menkerios of South Africa as the new Head of the United Nations Office to the African Union (UNOAU) and Special Representative to the African Union, at the level of Under-Secretary-General, on 01 July 2013.

USG Menkerios brings to the position extensive experience in African issues and with the UN. Prior to his appointment as Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan, in July 2011, USG Menkerious was the Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Mission in Sudan since 01 March 2010, prior to which he served as Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs (2007-2010).

He also served as Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the Democratic Republic of Congo (2005-2007), Director of the Africa 1 Division in the Department of Political Affairs (2003-2005) and Senior Adviser to the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General to the Inter-Congolese Dialogue (2002).

From 1991 to 2000, Mr. Menkerios represented the government of Eritrea in various capacities, including as Ambassador to Ethiopia and the Organization of African Unity, Special Envoy to Somalia and to the Great Lakes region; and as Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Welcome Message to MUIMUN 2018


Regular Conference Fee: 89€

Delegation Discount Fee: 79€

(4 or more delegates, Please contact our Delegates’ Service to receive an individual discount code for your delegation)

Our conference fee includes

  • A 5-day high-quality MUN conference
  • Four lunches (Sunday-Wednesday)
  • Coffee, tea, biscuits, and cake during the coffee breaks of the conference; water, coffee, and tea are offered at all times
  • An original, high-quality MUIMUN conference bag for each delegate
  • Free entrance to our social events, including two parties, a nightwatchman tour (historical city tour) and a pub quiz
  • A free edition of our daily conference magazine Westphalian Diplomat
  • Other costs, such as travel expenses and accommodation are not included.
  • For further information do not hesitate to contact us.


Payment will be processed by PayPal or bank transfer. Should you encounter any problems, please contact us, we are glad to assist you.

International students facing financial problems are invited to inform themselves about our scholarship programme.

The non-profit Münster MUN e. V. (German registered association) supports the MUIMUN project actively, especially with a staff (the volontarily working MUIMUN organization team) and ideally. Additionally, it also helps in funding the project.


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