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In the center of our MUIMUN conference are the debates. But there is a lot more to this exciting weekend!

Get ready for MUIMUN
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MUIMUN 2022 is back! This year’s motto:
Seizing Opportunities – Achieving Progress and Prosperity through International Diplomacy
May 26th – 29th 2022



Topics are out now!!



Security Council (UNSC)

Topic A:
The Aftermath of 9/11
Topic B:
Illegal arms trade: The Case of instability in the Middle East and Africa


United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Topic A:
Cooperation of Climate Action with the other Sustainable Development Goals
Topic B:
A Globally Implementable Carbon Credit System


United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO – français)

Topic A:
Patrimoine mondial et changement climatique: faire faces aux nouveaux dangers
Topic B:
Nouvelles technologies et information: comment mêler développement et prévention des risques?
Further Offline-Committee:

Department of Global Communications (UNDGC)

Topic A:
Combatting war disinformation through UN communications
Topic B:
Increasing access to information and sensibilisation campaigns of the UN worldwide

UN Women

(all genders are welcome)
Topic A:
Role of ICTs (Information and communication technology) in the empowerment of rural women
Topic B:
Gender Inequality faced by women in the Economic and Trade sector


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Topic A:
Cementing global support for the economic and social disparity in least developed countries
Topic B:
Increasing Women’s Political Participation

Andrei Pankratov

Andrei Pankratov is a 21-year-old college student from Tallinn, Estonia, currently studying Politics and Governance at the University of Tartu. His passion for Model United Nations conferences started at the age of 12 with the Estonian Model United Nations, where he was the youngest participant at the time. He continued participating in Model United Nations conferences as a delegate for five years, receiving Outstanding and Best Delegate awards. As a delegate, Andrei got the opportunity to participate in MUN conferences in Ukraine, Belgium, and the United States. After passing chair training in Estonia, Andrei became an aspiring chair in the Estonian MUN community, participating in conferences both in Tallinn and Tartu, as well as gaining international experience in the United States and Italy. Along with Model United Nations conferences, Andrei also participated in global education training and international seminar, becoming involved with the Estonian National Commission for UNESCO youth group. Apart from debating and global education, Andrei’s experience includes participation in local politics. Having served as a member of the Tallinn Youth City Council and the Estonian Youth Assembly, Andrei gained invaluable experience which fueled his passion for politics, largely inspiring his academic career choice. Andrei has also been involved in the international student movement, having participated in the International Student Festival in Trondheim and taking part in student exchange networks. Right now Andrei focuses largely on his second-year studies, with some of the most interesting topics for him being international relations and political philosophy. He continues to take part in MUN conferences in Europe, all while being the Secretary General of the leading Model in his home country. Andrei hopes that MUIMUN will be his most challenging undertaking yet, where he will assume the role of a Chair in the Security Council.

Get ready for MUIMUN

MUIMUN 2022 is a “hybrid-conference”.

Unlike last year,  we’re planning to have the major part of the conference take place iperson in Münster under hygiene regulations, while allowing for those that want to participate but are unable to attend the conference in Münster to take part in our conference virtually.

In case German restrictions won’t allow us to hold a conference in presence by May, we would switch these “offline-committees” to online as well, but inform you with sufficient anticipation.

Entry and quarantine regulations might apply to you, visit the website of the German Federal Foreign Office here for more information. (Subject to change)

How do I prepare myself?

  • Read the study guide (you can find the right one on the site of your committee)
  • Research your committee topic and your country position thoroughly.
  • Position paper: a two-page paper about the general position of your assigned country. Find an example here
  • Read up on our RoP ; note there will also be a short workshop in the beginning
  • Deadlines and timetable: here

Any further questions?

FAQ or contact


Among our main goals is to promote and convey a deeper understanding of the United Nations and international politics. Thus, one afternoon of the conference is reserved for our workshop programme “MUIMUN meets experts”. You will get the chance to meet professionals from the field and approach international politics from a different angle.

To be announced


COVID-19-Crisis as an Opportunity – Dietrich Zaps

Do we have to become worried about a substantial/ dramatic negative impact to the global economy by the Covid-19- pandemic? Does the Covid-19- pandemic have the potential to become a game changer in the global race for the dominance of eco-political systems? What is the lesson, we can take from Covid-19 facing transnational and trans-regional challenges? Based on economic analysis’s of recent crisis, we will discuss the Covid-19 pandemic impact and effects to the global economy. Facing the power of the Covid-19 virus family and its capability to attack people, independent from its cultural, socio-economical and political background, might initiate and deliver multilateral strategies to manage global challenges.

Dietrich Zaps, today, is working as an indented consultant with focus to the automotive industry. He is holding advisory mandates and assignments on behalf of global players mainly related to the automotive sector. While having hold top management positions at Tier 1 suppliers in various segments of the global automotive/vehicle industry, the management of intercultural, complex organizations had been a key element and challenge in his professional career. Heavily influenced by the Japanese management culture, he built up networks in Asia, (China, Korea, Japan), lived in the USA and managed personally several years as President & CEO the US operation of a German Tier 1 supplier in the NA. Beyond other assignments in Germany, he successfully restructured the disrupted high tech component business case of a US American Tier 1 player in the UK for the international market reach.


What Münster has to offer in terms of Art Historical Treasures


The LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur unites 1000 years of art, ranging from the early Middle Ages through to the present.

In total the LWL-Museum’s collection comprises over 350 000 paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and prints, coins and objects as well as 135 000 books. While exploring the 51 exhibition spaces, visitors encounter works of art by Heinrich Brabender, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Franz Marc, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, August Macke, Otto Piene, Gerhard Richter and Rosemarie Trockel, amongst many others.

The guided tour with Zoom developed from the works of art themselves. The tour gives an overview of the art-historical treasures of Münster.


1. Champagne reception

After the opening ceremony, a champagne reception is held to celebrate the beginning of an intense week full of debates, socials and MUIMUN fun.

When? The champagne corks are popped on the first evening. Non-alcoholic options and little snacks are offered as well.

2. Global Village Party

One of the many reasons to join MUIMUN is its outstanding and colorful Global Village Party. Delegates from over 30 nations share traditional food, music, and clothing from their home countries. It is a wonderful chance to experience an evening with a very special international flair.

Everyone is invited to bring food from their home countries. Unfortunately, beverages are not allowed.

To make the experience extra special you are welcome to dress up in clothes typical for your country or to dress in something that represents your country in any other way (for Germans it could be a football jersey etc.)

You may also bring music that is typical of your home country.

3. Münster MUN-Pub quiz

Do you want to test your general knowledge and compete in teams in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere? Then come to our pub quiz, enjoy some drinks with your fellow delegates while having the chance to win a special price at the end of the evening.

4. Nightwatchman Tour

Rumour has it that there are some creatures strolling around the old parts of town during the night to protect the citizens of Münster. If you would like to explore the city and its historical sights at night, come and join the night watchmen with their patrol.

5. Pub Crawl

Right after this short trip into the history of Münster, we will take you back to the present. In the old parts of town, you can also strengthen yourself with a cold drink and snack while exploring the lively pub scene, where students like to spend their evenings.

Our Patron for MUIMUN 2021

Alessandra has been with the United Nations since 1991, first in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and then with the UN Department of Global Communications.

As a junior official, she worked as an Associate Expert on Training, then as a Public Information Officer. Later she headed a training programme aimed at strengthening trade capacities of developing countries’ officers called “TrainForTrade”.

For four years between 2010 and 2014, she oversaw relations with press and outreach activities for UN Geneva and worked a lot with schools and academia.

She then became responsible for the intergovernmental activities of the UN Conference on Trade and Development and in July 2016, she became Director of the UN Information Service.

As such, she is in charge to coordinate all media-related activities of UN Geneva, coordinate the work of the Geneva UN Communications Group, manage the activities of the UN television, radio and social media, and supervise outreach events.

Alessandra holds a Political Science Degree from the Italian University L.U.I.S.S., and a diploma in International Relations with a specialization in International Public Law from the Graduate Institute of Geneva. Previously she attended a high-school of languages and is fluent in English, French and Spanish – and Italian, her mother tongue.

She has 4 children and a cat.

patron 2021

Alessandra Vellucci

Director, United Nations Information Service, Geneva


Online Conference Fee: €19

Offline Conference Fee: €69


Our conference fee includes

  • A 4-day high-quality MUN conference
  • Coffee, tea, biscuits, and cake during the coffee breaks of the conference; water, coffee, and tea are offered at all times
  • An original, high-quality MUIMUN conference bag for each attending delegate in Münster
  • Free entrance to our workshops and social events, including a champagne reception, a party (limited), a historical city tour and a pub quiz
  • A free digital edition of our conference magazine Westphalian Diplomat
  • Awards for outstanding and best delegates
  • Certificate of participation
  • Assistance from our team before and during the whole event
  • Other costs, such as travel expenses and accommodation are not included.
  • For further information do not hesitate to contact us.


Payment will be processed by PayPal or bank transfer. Should you encounter any problems, please contact us, we are glad to assist you.

International students facing financial problems are invited to inform themselves about our scholarship programme.

The non-profit Münster MUN e. V. (German registered association) supports the MUIMUN project actively, especially with a staff (the volontarily working MUIMUN organization team) and ideally. Additionally, it also helps in funding the project.


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