Might Makes Right ? – Challenging Power and Privilege

Welcoming Note - General Secretariat


At this 12th MUIMUN conference, you will mimic the role of United Nations delegates and staff. This means you will step onto the global stage of international debate and concern yourself with some of the most urgent, long-running and convoluted conflicts of our days.

As delegates from significantly different countries, you will represent interests that you personally do not strive for. During your research and your committee’s session, you will perceive, that conflicts and threats to the stability of the international community are not definite, unambiguous, but yet, not uncompromising.


Under our overall headline “Might Makes Right? - Challenging Power and Privilege” we encourage you to question why some fundamental global obstacles seem insuperable and to challenge current global positions of power and privileges. The distribution of power defines international relations and balances. And to hold this power is a rare privilege that the majority of does not enjoy.


Large-scale Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism has amongst other processes fatally shaped the contemporary power-balance to the disadvantage of many underrepresented peoples.

Convinced that the United Nations colloquially define approaches for solutions, we need every state equally involved in this process. We hence believe a just representation of all states and other autonomous regions is required and must be enforced.


At MUIMUN 2018 you have the chance to not only debate about the conflicts and their solutions but also to analyse the discourse about them itself. We all too are privileged to take part in a Model-UN Conference for it is indeed no matter of course. Our Privilege leads to responsibility. To challenge power and privilege thus also means to accept responsibility.


Karim Natour, Secretary-General

Karim started getting involved in Model United Nations in 2014 when he participated in THIMUN as a high school student and realized that he wanted to understand  global conflicts and to take action to improve mutual international understanding.

Being half German half Palestinian, he was interested in International Relations from a young age and continued to be passionate about Global Conflict Management  throughout his youth.


After participating in THIMUN in 2015 again, Karim successfully participated at MUIMUN 2017 and GÖMUN 2017 and served as head-chair at NOTTSMUN 2017. He decided that he wanted to be part of the team that annually realizes the unique MUIMUN conference and hence joined the General Secretariat. Karim is now very eager and highly honoured to be able to shape the spirit of the next conference in Münster.


Luise Sophie Teubner, Deputy Secretary-General

Luise is a law student from Münster. She attended her first MUN conference in 2015 as a highschool student. She soon realized her passion for Model United Nations and international relations.

Considering MUN as a place for sharing knowledge and culture, she was in the Security Council, a Historical Committee, in the Legal Committee and in the International Criminal Court. To experience different roles at MUN conferences, she chaired the DISEC at UCIMUN and is excited to be one editor of the Press Corps.


Attending MUIMUN 2017, she knew she wanted to contribute to the next conference. Now, Luise is very honoured to be the Deputy Secretary General of MUIMUN 2018 and delighted to focus on organizing a critical, fruitful and unforgettable conference. She is especially excited for another non-english speaking committee.

In her free time, she loves to have a huge cup of tea.